Private Landowners
Partnering with private landowners to meet diverse objectives

A private landowner’s objectives are as varied as their individual properties, and most frequently include multiple goals, such as investment return, aesthetics, wildlife habitat and providing a family legacy to pass to future generations.

Many private landowners are successful business people with a limited background in forestry, and are often unaware of all of the benefits that quality planning and management services can provide.  ForesTech works in partnership with landowners to meet their objectives and to achieve the full potential of their property. 

ForesTech’s management services begin with a careful evaluation of the specific characteristics of the property itself.  Based upon this evaluation, we work closely with the landowner to develop management strategies and solutions.  As a part of this process, we make the landowner aware of all of the available options and potential benefits to be realized from the property.  We provide guidance to assist the landowner in defining their goals, and then develop a customized plan to achieve them. 

In many cases, a landowner wishes to improve their property and its management, but may be concerned about the fees to do so.  Often, our extensive management experience provides a means for a landowner to not only improve their property and its value, but also generate the cash flows to offset the cost of such improvements. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, as well as the highest possible value of your property!

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