Public Entities: Government, Utility, Other
Solutions and management plans to sustainably promote, protect, and conserve natural resources

Governmental agencies and public utilities face vast differences in management strategies compared to that of other timberland owners.  The challenges faced by public entities are compounded by the responsibility to the general public as part of their decision making process.

Due to this position of public trust, public entities have many unique and difficult objectives to achieve on timberland under their management.  These objectives include management of habitats for endangered, game and non-game wildlife species, watershed management, continuity and improvement of recreational areas, and other specific, area-focused objectives.

ForesTech has successfully worked with public entities to develop management plans to meet these goals, optimize timber management activities, and maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Additionally, our plans produce revenue sources to achieve budgetary goals.  Our staff has not only the biological and modeling experience to accurately estimate current indices and wildlife habitat matrices, but also to provide an accurate prediction of how alternative management strategies will impact those values in the future. 

Let us help you achieve your management objectives and fulfill your responsibilities under the public trust doctrine, while producing funding for your agency!

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