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Forest InventoryTimber inventories and resulting data are the backbone to any information system, as well as key factors in making wise management decisions. Methods for collecting this information can vary greatly depending on the purpose of the cruise.  We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with an inventory design and sampling strategy that will meet our client’s target specifications. 

ForesTech employs the latest geospatial software for field data collection which seamlessly integrates with the inventory collection software.  Our streamlined processes allow us to design a project, deploy our field staff for collection of inventory data, workup the cruises, and provide highly specialized reporting for our clients, while also ensuring quick turnaround and meeting project completion deadlines.

Key personnel at ForesTech have spent years researching the optimal methods and measurements to collect to maximize the information gathered during a timber inventory.  ForesTech founding partners Barry Shiver and Bruce Borders co-authored the textbook Sampling Techniques for Forest Resource Inventory, used extensively in colleges and universities, and are widely considered two of the leading and innovative inventory experts. 

Our inventory design and sampling strategies are unique in that we collect information that allows us to evaluate current and future values and product mixes.  This sampling strategy reduces the overall costs of conducting timber inventories and seamlessly integrates with our propriety cruise processor, growth and yield, and optimized harvest scheduling software.  We integrate all the inventory information with our GIS systems to have the most current and accurate information in the industry.  Our inventory methods provide us with the critical information necessary to perform accurate inventory updates.  Inventory updates project future information as to timber growth and product classes to aid with management decisions, while eliminating the need to perform costly annual inventories to obtain this information.  

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