Forest Management

We can make your vision become a reality

When it comes to forest management, the visions of each landowner are as unique as their individual properties.  Whether a landowner’s future goals for a property are investment, aesthetics, wildlife habitat, or any other desire, ForesTech can create a custom, clearly defined plan to achieve their objectives.  Our plans are solidly backed by our expertise in timber management, silviculture, financial projection and wildlife management.  Our foresters clearly explain the trade-offs of management strategies that emphasize certain objectives over another, allowing for informed decision making by the client. ForesTech’s commitment to provide strategies that are tailored to meet our client’s objectives, as well as the attributes of their individual properties, leads to highly satisfied clients.

Unprecedented returns

ForesTech’s knowledge, experience and array of high quality on-the-ground and data services, backed by our highly sophisticated timber management modeling, provide clients with unprecedented levels of financial return on their property.  Our technology enables our professionals to calculate the value increase, along with implementation costs, of various management decisions to develop a plan that reflects the desires of the client and provides them with the highest returns.  Our plans include projected cash flows and wood flows that provide a means for budgeting and planning, as well as a schedule of management activities.  We also provide strategies to help minimize the out of pocket expenses to the owner.  

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