Timber Sales

We work closely with our clients

ForesTech’s professional and registered foresters work closely with our clients to maximize landowner timber values while also meeting their long-term management goals.  We provide optimized technologically based solutions based on over 25 years of practical experience in the timber management business.

Our knowledge makes the difference

We use our knowledge of local markets and product stumpage values while also monitoring current timber sale values and market conditions across our management areas to help our clients make the right decision on when to sell their timber.  We handle all aspects of timber sales to assure that it is a profitable and successful experience for our clients and provide transparency on all transactions and sale processes. 

We help you make the right decisions – for you and your property

We evaluate each timber sale as a unique opportunity for our clients and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each timber sale method for the current and future stand dynamics and communicate these options to our clients, along with our recommended optimized management plan.  We provide assurance to our clients that their property is treated with the utmost importance and integrity to ensure long-term forest health as well as meeting all conservation measures such as state Best Management Practices ensuring soil and water conservation. 

Our technology sets us apart

Our state of the art proprietary growth and yield software as well as proprietary harvest schedule optimization software allows us to evaluate hundreds of management options and find the plan that will ultimately fit the diverse needs, desires and objectives of our clients.  All of this information is linked to our geospatial database and allows us to make swift decisions in order to capture niche market opportunities for our clients.

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