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Forestech is a unique company and resource that provides services and support that is very beneficial and effective for land managers and foresters to help meet their timber management goals and objectives. It provides us that added tool to help set up long term harvest schedules to efficiently manage timber production and annual cash flow from timber sales, with or without constraints; and how we can maintain and sustain future growth and revenue on company’s lands. The modeling and reporting capabilities also gives us the flexibility to look at several management options to help meet our objectives. We look forward to getting all our stands in the database and seeing the statewide benefits of this resource.
-Senior Forester
Public Utility


Expansion of our land holdings into Georgia presented challenges to us as Natural Resource Managers which led us to get to know the folks at ForesTech. The number one thing our 40 years of land management experience has taught us is that you cannot manage what you do not measure.

ForesTech offers scientific information that is site specific plus a variety of services to meet whatever the individual private land managers’ needs are, ranging from an honest, sustainable turnkey approach to measuring what you have and how it will grow. The access to management tools, mapping and the ability to grow our stands on paper has enabled us to analyze what practices to implement and the timing of our harvest. They have been a blessing for us and we highly recommend their services.

-Private Landowner


We have been extremely satisfied with the depth, breadth and quality of professional services that ForesTech International has been able to provide us in the development and management of our integrated, stand based inventory and decision support systems over the past five years. ForesTech has been a key business partner in helping us design, develop and implement a comprehensive forest inventory, growth and yield modeling and harvest scheduling platform that now provide all of the essential information components we need to effectively manage our timberland investment business. The ForesTech staff and their suite of services span an impressive range of areas of professional expertise that is unique within the industry -- from traditional inventory field services to high powered biometrics and most everything in between. Most importantly, the ForesTech staff fully understands what the key drivers are for effectively using these tools on-the-ground at an operational level. We very much appreciate their hard working, professional, “can do” approach and ability to get the job done as promised and on time. Collectively, these attributes have made ForesTech a pleasure to work with as one of our best, “top notch," full service consultants.
-TIMO Manager


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